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Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

It is a requirement for every student learning in Australia that they keep OSHC throughout the course of their studies. To comply with immigration requirements, all foreign students must possess OSHC and maintain it while studying abroad in Australia.

When studying abroad in Australia, OSHC aids students in paying for potential medical costs, emergency services, restricted prescriptions, and hospital treatment. One can select a strategy that works for them based on the needs of the learner.

What services are offered by OSHC?

Basic OSHC includes access to private facilities and day surgeries as well as medical appointments, some hospital care, restricted medications, emergency coverage, and some prosthetic devices. Basic OSHC does not cover dental, optical, or physiotherapy services, but some OSHC companies do offer these services as “extras” as part of more complete OSHC coverage.

Does OSHC pay all medical and hospital expenses?

No. Your costs are partially but not entirely paid. In most situations, OSHC will pay a sizable portion of the expenses. Before purchasing coverage, you should consult with the OSHC suppliers to make sure you have the best protection at the best possible price.